Portavo 907: Multimeter

If you are looking for a reliable handheld meter you just fount it:

The all-in-one solution for Temperature, optical dissolved oxygen, pH and conductivity/Salinity/TDS sensors with Memosens technology. 

Portavo 2
  • High-resolution color graphic display
  • Transflective and sunlight readable           
  • MemoSens® (Digital sensors) and standard analog sensors 
  • Optical Dissolved Oxygen sensor 
  • Robust enclosure
  • Long battery life 
  • Integrated pressure measurement for for DO measurement 
  • Integrated sensors quiver 
  • Intelligent data logger with 10,000 entries and graphical representation
  • IP 66/67 protection 
  • Highly scratch resistant glass display 
  • Micro USB port and Paraly SW 112 software 
  • High-tensile polymer housing for rough industrial applications
  • Calimatic automatically recognizes the right buffer – safe and clearly guided calibration at the press of a button
  •  Intergrated temperature probe on all sensors

What is memosens technolgy:  

Portavo 4

 The Housing

Unique. Ergonomically optimized. Resistant to impact and chemicals. Waterproof (IP 67 / IP 66 protection 


The Buttons

Smooth membrane keypad. Hard-wearing. Easy to clean. No sticking or incrustation. 


The Display

Large (15 mm digit height). Easy-to-read, white backlit QVGA graphical display. Anti-reflective mineral glass screen. Scratch-proof and resistant to chemicals. Straightforward menu navigation with graphic icons and detailed operating instructions in plain text. 


The Quiver

Integrated. Replaceable. Protects the sensor. Transparent. Easy to remove. 

Portavo 5

The Cover

Protects from dirt and damage.
Highly flexible laminated joint.
Can be completely flipped to back. 

Portavo 8Portavo 6

The Hook

Fold-out. For suspending.
Or positioning upright. Leaves both hands free to operate the sensor. 

Portavo 7

The Data Logger

Prior to use, it must be configured and then activated.

The following logging types can be selected:

–  Manual logging by pressing the softkey

–  Time-controlled logging at a fixed interval

–  Signal-controlled logging of measured value and temperature

–  Combined time- and signal-controlled logging

–  Threshold-controlled logging with pre-trigger 

The data logger records up to 10,000 entries, which can be assigned to different measuring points (TAGs) and annotations.

Portavo 9

The following data will be recorded: meas. point, annotation, sensor ID, serial number of sensor (Memosens), primary value, temperature, time stamp, device status.

The Paraly SW 112 software allows convenient management of the data logger. It is always the currently selected process variable which is recorded. 

The Device Logger Menu 

Portavo 11

The Software

The standard USB port allows connecting the Portavo to a computer.

The Paraly SW 112 software was specially developed for the Portavo to enable easy management of recorded values.

Configuration is clear and simple.

Using the integrated export function, the logged data can be easily transferred to Microsoft Excel for further processing. 

The Configuration Menu 

Portavo 13Portavo 14



The concept of using digital Memosens sensors is globally unique.

Memosens – The Benchmark for Digital Sensors

The Memosens inductive sensor connector system transfers both energy and data without contact between electrochemical sensors and analyzers. The integrated intelligence allows saving and evaluating sensor related data directly in the pH/ORP, conductivity or oxygen sensor. 


  • User interface: Straightforward menu navigation with graphic icons and detailed operating instructions in plain text
  • Languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian
  • Status indicators: For battery power level, logger
  • Graphic display: QVGA TFT display with white backlighting
  • Keypad: [on/off ], [meas], [enter], [◄], [►], [▲], [▼] 2 context-sensitive softkeys
  • Data logger: 10,000 memory locations. Manual, interval- and/or event-controlled with limit value and pre-trigger, management of tag numbers and annotations.
  • MemoLog calibration data logger (Memosens only): Up to 100 Memosens calibration records can be saved
    • – Recording viewable on the display
    • – directly retrievable via MemoSuite (USB)
    • Manufacturer, sensor type, serial no., zero, slope, calibration date 
  •  Communication
    • USB 2.0
    • Profile: HID, driverless installation
    • Usage: Data exchange and configuration via Paraly SW 112 software
  • Diagnostics functions:
    • Sensor data (only Memosens): Manufacturer, sensor type, serial number, wear, operating time
    • Calibration data: Calibration date, zero, slope 
    • Device self-test: Automatic memory test (FLASH, EEPROM, RAM) 
    • Device data: Device type, software version, hardware version 
  • Data retention: Parameters, calibration data > 10 years 
  • EMC
    • EN 61326-1 (General Requirements) 
    • Emitted interference Class B (residential area) 
    • Immunity to interference Industry
    • EN 61326-2-3 (Particular Requirements for Transmitters) 
  • RoHS conformity: According to directive 2011/65/EU 
  • Power supply:
    • 4x AA batteries
    • 4x rechargeable NiMH batteries 
    • 1x Li-ion battery, USB chargeable
  • Nominal operating conditions
    • Ambient temperature: -10 to +55 °C
    • Transport/Storage temperature: -25 to + 70 °C
    • Relative humidity: 0 to 95 %, short-term condensing allowed 
  • Housing:
    • Material: PA12 GF30 + TPE
    • Ingress protection: IP66/67 with pressure compensation
    • Dimensions: Approx. (132 x 156 x 30) mm
    •  Weight: Approx. 500 g


Memosens sensors: 

SE715: Optical dissolved oxygen with memosens technology

SE715 memosens ODO

The digital, optical oxygen sensor stores the calibration values internaly and it’s ready for immediate measurement. The advantages of the fluorescence quenching method come to light in particular during mobile oxygen measuring:

  • no polarization delay - ready for measuring immediately
  • no oxygen consumption
  • independent of the flow
  • integrated monitoring of the membrane state
  • no electrolyte required

This makes mobile oxygen measuring more precise and extremely low maintenance. Calibration is performed directly in the integrated quiver of the Portavo 907 Multi Oxy. The SE 715 oxygen sensor with Memosens connector system requires low maintenance and is equipped with a temperature sensor. It is characterized by its high long-term stability, fast response and low flow dependence. The sensor is designed for simultaneous measurement of dissolved oxygen and temperature in industrial processes. 


Prices: $ 

SE340 ODO 3m cable

SE340Optical dissolved oxygen with 3 m cable.

Price: $ 

SE 102 NMS pH memosens

SE 102-NMS: Glass pH sensor with memosens technolgy 

  • Temperature: NTC 30 kΩ 
  • Body material: Glass
  • Body length: 110 mm
  • Body diameter: 12 mm
  • Junction: Ceramic
  • Reference electrolyte: 3 Mol/L KCL, Refillable 
  • pH range: 0 to 14 unit
  • Temperature range: -5 to 100 °C
  • Recommended temp sensor: Integrated 

 Price: $

SE 101-NMS: Plastic pH sensor with memosens technolgy 

SE 101 NMS pH memosens plastic
  • Temperature: NTC 30 kΩ 
  • Body material: Plastic (Epoxy)
  • Body length: 110 mm
  • Body diameter: 12 mm
  • Junction: Ceramic
  • Reference electrolyte: 3 Mol/L KCL, Refillable 
  • pH range: 0 to 14 unit
  • Temperature range: -5 to 100 °C
  • Recommended temp sensor: Integrated 

 Price: $

SE 101 N pH plastic cable

SE 101-N: Plastic pH sensor with 1m cable 

  • Temperature: pt 1000
  • Body material: Plastic (Noryl/PPo)
  • Body length: 120 mm
  • Body diameter: 12 mm
  • Junction: Fiber junction
  • Reference electrolyte: Gel
  • pH range: 0 to 14 unit
  • Temperature range: -5 to 80 °C
  • Recommended temp sensor: Integrated 

 Price: $

SE 102 N ph 1m cable

SE 102-N: Plastic pH sensor with 1m cable 

  • Temperature: pt 1000
  • Body material: Glass
  • Body length: 110 mm
  • Body diameter: 12 mm
  • Junction: Ceramic
  • Reference electrolyte: 3 Mol/L KCL, Refillable 
  • pH range: 0 to 14 unit
  • Temperature range: -5 to 100 °C
  • Recommended temp sensor: Integrated 

 Price: $

SE 615 cond 2 contact memosens

SE 615: 2 Electrode Sensor with memosens technolgy 

Reasonably priced sensor for water and wastewater treatment applications. Large measuring range thanks to electrodes made from low polarized special graphite. Designed for MemoRail applications.

The SE 615 conductivity sensor with Memosens connector system has 2 graphite electrodes and requires low maintenance. The integrated temperature detector provides automatic temperature compensation during calibration and operation of the sensor. The sensor is designed for simultaneous measurement of conductivity and temperature in industrial processes.

  • Type: SE 615/1-MS
  • Conductivity: 10 μS/cm ... 20 mS/cm
  • Temperature: -5 ... +80 °C
  • Pressure: max. 4 bars
  • Cell constant: approx. 1/cm. (for exact value, see quality certificate)
  • Length: 120 mm
  • Electrode material: graphite
  • Body material: polysulfone
  • Measuring principle: 2-electrode 


SE 204 Cond 1m cable

SE 204: 4-Electrode Sensor 1m cable

Laboratory conductivity sensor with 4 electrodes, graphite electrode, epoxy body material.

  • Body diameter: 15.3 mm
  • Body length: 120 mm
  • Immersion depth: 36 ... 120 mm
  • Operating range: 1 µS/cm to 500 mS/cm
  • Pressure resistance: 2 bar
  • Integrated temperature sensor: NTC 30 Kohm/25 °C
  • Operating temperature range: -5  to 100 °C

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