We manufacture the antifouling and long-term deployment module: the LDM. The LDM can be used with all HydroTech®, Hydrolab®, Hach®, YSI® and In-situ® multiprobes to enable fouling-free deployment in the worst conditions for up to 3 months. No chemicals, no copper, and no rotating brushes. There's no need to buy new multiprobes, the LDM works with your existing units, old or new. The LDM is a patented technology by HydroTech, no gimmicks.

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We manufacture the most rugged multiprobe in the world: the HT6, which is designed to handle extremely harsh environments. The HT6 is so rugged that it was used in the DepthX project on board an autonomous submarine built by NASA to explore the moon Europa.

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We manufacture certified custom OEM Hydrolab® / Hach® multiprobes with custom housings to maximize the ruggedness and robustness of the equipment. Including Minisondes®, Datasonde®, and Compact MS® series.

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We manufacture replacement sensors and other parts for many products, including inline pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, temperature sensors, and many more.

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We manufacture calibration standards and reagents for laboratory use, including pH buffers, conductivity solutions, redox (ORP), TOC, electrolytes, and many more.

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Hydrotech is an authorized reseller of all Hydrolab® and Hach® products.

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