Hydrolab Multiprobes

Hydrotech is an authorized reseller of all Hydrolab® / Hach® and OTT® products. Why buy Hydrolab® units from HydroTech?

We fully test all new units and make sure your are receiving a defect-free product.

HydroTech will perform all repairs during and after the standard 2 years manufacturer warranty.

HydroTech will provide you with 24-hour, 7 days/week priority phone support.

Free 2 days training at HydroTech location with your purchase.

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Standard HL4 System

Standard Hydrolab / Hach Minisonde 5

Standard MS5 (Minisonde 5)® 

Standard Hydrolab / Hach Datasonde 5

Standard DS5 /DS5X (Datasonde 5 / Datasonde 5X)® 

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