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 AT SDI-12 temperature sensor

The AT submersible SDI-12 temperature sensor is designed for a variety of applications. The unit functions effectively in soil, shallow streams, surface and ground water. 

The AT sensor accurately measures temperatures in stilling wells, dams and aquaculture tanks where very long cable runs are often necessary (up to 300 ft.). Cable length does not affect accuracy performance.


SDI-12 Operation (V1.3)

Tough UV resistant polyurethane cable with waterblock  

Stainless steel body with eyelet for weight or pull strings

Flex fitting to protect cable

Built-in SDI-12 surge protection 


Soil Temperature


Surface Water

Stilling Wells


Aquaculture Tanks 


Measurement Interval: 1 Second  to  

 Units: Celsius, Fahrenheit

Accuracy: 0.01 C

Operating Range:  -40 to +60

Quiescent current:< 0.1 mA

Acitve current: < 5 mA 

Input Voltage: 7 to 16 V

SDI-12 Revision: V1.3

Tough UV resistant polyurethane cable: 60, 100, 150, 200 or 300 ft

Diameter: 0.63 inch

 Device is capable of fitting through a standard 1 inch conduit with 8 inch factory bend corner 

NIST traceable calibration certificate

Ordring guide:

AT-60: AT submersible SDI-12 temperature sensor with 60 ft cable 

AT-100: AT submersible SDI-12 temperature sensor with 100 ft cable 

AT-150: AT submersible SDI-12 temperature sensor with 150 ft cable 

AT-200: AT submersible SDI-12 temperature sensor with 200 ft cable 

AT-300: AT submersible SDI-12 temperature sensor with 300 ft cable 

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