EXO® Solutions

Custom EXO® cables 

Ultra rugged & reliable cables custom length

Part number: #599040-X-HT and  599008-X-HT (X = length in meter) 


If you have a damaged EXO® cable we can repair it for you. EXO® cables from YSI® come in limited lengths: 2, 4,10,15,33,66,100,150 and 200 m If you need a custom length, Hydrotech will build it for you.

  • Underwater connector with Titanium casing for maximum ruggedness. 
  • 95% copper braided shield for maximum signal protection from outside interferences.
  • Extra durable Polyurethane jacket. 
  • High quality stranded wires for better performance. 

We can also custom build SDI cable splitters, Multi-sonde connection cables and much more.

YSI® Series 6 to EXO® cable converter

Ultra rugged waterproof converter

Part number: CONVS6EXO-UWC-HHC

If you have just invested in new EXO® multprobes, but still want to keep using older Series 6 units. Or you just want to keep using your existing series 6 cables, the Series 6 to EXO® cable converter is the solution you need:

  • No need to remove your existing series 6 field cable. 
  • Quickly and easily connect one or both parts of the converter kit to your existing cable.
  • Rugged titanium construction 
  • Fully compatible with all series 6 cable configurations
  • Fully compatible with all EXO® sondes 
  • Supports connections to EXO® Handheld and SDI-12 
  • Fully compatible with E-HUB



Total connectivity to your EXO® unit in the field 

Part number: E-HUB System

HIF Part number: 6107100

IF you have an EXO® multiprobes connected to a data-logger and you are transmitting data remotely via SDI-12, HydroTech E-HUB is the solution you need.

  • You can use an EXO1®, 2 or 3 (You are not limited to EXO3® only)
  • No need for an EXO® DCP “Signal Output Adapter”
  • Bluetooth connectivity to your EXO® unit in the field without interruption of your SDI-12 data is available at all time. No need for switches. The Bluetooth signal is always ON.
  • If you have an EXO® Handheld with a HydroTech EXOBT-V2 module, you can connect to the deployed unit via Bluetooth with your handheld.
  • No more bare wires to deal with.
  • The E-HUB includes power management circuitry that allows auto switching power, regulated power, and current spike protection for EXO® multiprobes and internal E-HUB circuitry.



Bluetooth Module for EXO® Handheld display

Part number: EXOBT-V2

HIF Part number: 6107104

If you have a YSI® Handheld unit part number 599960 and you want to add Bluetooth capability to it for a wireless connection to your EXO® multiprobes, HydroTech EXOBT-V2 is the solution you need. Once connected to your display, the module will allow wireless connection to your EXO® multiprobes, with seamless access to all functions supported by your Handheld. If your EXO® multiprobes is connected to a HydroTech E-HUB, the EXOBT-module will allow you to wirelessly connect with the deployed EXO® multiprobes.

 EXO® pH Module for Low Ionic Water

 Fully compatible with all EXO® series pH sensors.

  • Easy installation
  • Reliable locking mechanism
  • Ceramic junction for long lasting and stable measurement in low ionic water.
  • Removable sensor guard to easily switch between guarded and unguarded option.
  • Uses the stable ASG VIII glass formulation known for stability, quick response, and longevity.

EXO® Sensor Port Inserts

Inserts EXO

    Secure Sensor Connection




The sensor port inserts are specially designed to improve the EXO® sensor connectivity to the bulkhead assembly.

  • Easy installation with included installation tool.
  • Stops the sensors from wobbling
  • Stops the sensor’s rubber connector from over-forming to the port.
  • Minimize the risk of port leak.
  • Kits:
    • EXO1-PI-Kit
    • EXO2-PI-Kit
    • EXO3-PI-Kit

EXO® Sensor Rebuild

During these difficult times, obtaining a new sensor may take 16 to 24 weeks.

HydroTech ZS Consulting is temporarily rebuilding all EXO® and ProDSS® sensors:

# 599100-01-R: EXO® Optical DO sensor

# 599101-01-R: EXO® Turbidity sensor

# 599102-01-R: EXO® Total Algae sensor

# 599103-01-R: EXO® Total Algae sensor

# 599870-R: EXO® Temp./Cond. sensor

# 626901-R: ProDSS® Turbidity sensor

# 626210-R: ProDSS® Total Algae sensor

# 626211-R: ProDSS® Total Algae sensor

# 626900-R: ProDSS® Optical DO sensor

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