HydroTerm: HydroTerm is the HydroTech newly developed software for interfacing with all the YSI 6 series, all the Hydrolab 5 series and the Hydrotech compact series sondes. HydroTerm is fully compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 1

Hydrolab Operating Software® (For use with the new HL4 multiprobes only) 

The Hydrolab Operating Software is the PC-based application for interfacing with Hydrolab HL Series sondes, the Hydrolab Surveyor HL, and Hydrolab communications modules.  It is designed for intuitive water quality data collection, sensor calibration, settings adjustment, and metadata access.

Hydras 3 LT®

Install Hydras 3LT®  Windows® software on your PC to use for communication with all HydroTech and Hydrolab® multiprobes.               


Hydras 3 Pocket®

Hydras 3 Pocket® brings the most critical functionality of Hydras 3 LT® to a Windows-based Pocket PC.


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