Standard hach / Hydrolab SVR4A Display

To be used with the Hydrolab series 5  (Minisonde 5 and Datasonde 5)

For complete water quality sonde set-up and real time monitoring, the Surveyor is a simple and rugged handheld display that is designed specifically for use with the Hydrotech Compact MS, HT6, OEM MS5, OEM DS5, Hydrolab® standard DS5X, DS5, and MS5.


  • Rugged and dependable NEMA 6 case with handstrap
  • Displays data in real-time or can store up to 375,000 measurements
  • Oversize screen with backlight allows data to be viewed in any conditions
  • Available with optional GPS and Barometric Pressure capabilities
  • Available in English, French, or Spanish


  • Designed specifically for use in severe field conditions, the Surveyor can take a beating on land or in the water and still deliver your data
  • Allows the user huge flexibility – the Surveyor can be used for real time data collection or graphing and it can be used for setting up and downloading log files
  • Complete set-up capability allows users to leave their laptops in their offices
  • GPS option automatically integrates latitude and longitude coordinates with water quality data
  • Barometric Pressure option makes Dissolved Oxygen calibration simple, and can be logged with water quality data


Memory: 375,000 measurements
Battery Supply: Rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride
Typical Battery Life: 12-16 hours
Size: 11"x 4" x 5"; 27.9 cm x 10.2 cm x 3.8 cm
Weight: 2 lbs; 0.9 kg

Most common questions and answers:

Q: Can the rechargeable battery in my Surveyor 4a power my DataSonde or MiniSonde?

A: The Surveyor 4a rechargeable battery can power HydroTech and Hydrolab multiprobes. The battery life is 12-16 hours, but it can vary depending on the sonde configuration and measurement frequency. Please note that a Surveyor will not power a DataSonde if the sonde is configured with both Self-Cleaning Turbidity AND a Fluorometer (i.e., Chlorophyll, Rhodamine, or Blue-Green Algae).

Q: Is the handheld waterproof?

A: Yes, the Surveyor 4a has a NEMA 6 rating, which means that the enclosure is protected against the entry of water during occasional temporary (30 minutes) submersion at a limited depth (one meter). 

Q: What type of batteries are required?

A: The Surveyor 4a uses a DR-30, 7.2V, 3.5Ah, NiMH Rechargeable Battery made by GP Batteries. The internal clock battery is a standard 3V lithium coin cell battery. 

Q: Why does my Surveyor shut down when it is not in use?

A: The Surveyor 4a will automatically power off if it has not been used for several minutes. The user can set and change this feature. 

Q: How long does it take to recharge the Surveyor battery?

A: If the Surveyor 4a battery is completely discharged, the charger can restore full power in approximately four hours. 

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