The OTT® Acoustic Digital Current meter (ADC) delivers consistently accurate results with the most advanced acoustic technology available for point velocity measurement. Designed specifically for in-stream velocity measurement, the ADC features a sensor with two 6 MHz acoustic transducers, temperature and depth sensors, and a cable and handheld unit for signal processing. 

Performance Features & Benefits:

  • Innovative Technology– Accurate velocity measurements using the latest acoustic technology and automatic discharge calculation based on international standards (USGS and ISO 748)
  • High Performance– 6 MHz acoustic transducers and large sample volume reduce potential signal-to-noise issues
  • Time Saver– Built-in depth sensor and measurement guidance minimizes time in the field and reduces sources of measurement error
  • Simple Setup– Logical menu structure and large buttons help facilitate quick and easy setup
  • Easy-to-Use– Review instantaneous velocity and measurement quality data during the measurement with the rod-mounted graphical display
  • Versatile– Supports USGS, ISO, ICE, KREPS, and multi-point velocity methods and Mid and Mean section discharge methods
  • Flexible– Attaches to common wading rods, for example the USGS Top Setting wading rod

Additional Features:

  • Comprehensive quality assurance, including pre-deployment and field quality checks and measurement guidance based on USGS discharge measurement protocols
  • Detailed measurement review, reports and graphs
  • Rechargeable battery with >20 hrs of use
  • USB interface and 4 MB memory

 Click here for OTT ADC software downloads!

View below a 20-minute webinar on the OTT ADC Part 1 and Part 2:

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