G2plus interface

G2plus Rev2
  • The HydroTech G2plus Interface is specially designed for use with the Trios NICO and Opus Nitrate sensors.
  • The G2plus has the same functionality as the G2 Interfacebox without the need for RG45 connection or external power.
  • Connect the standard Nico or Opus cable to the G2plus Interface then connect the interface directly to your computer or tablet USB3.0 port. Use your browser to connect to the NICO or OPUS as you normally do with the G2 Interfacebox.
  • Part number: G2plus


  • Dimensions:
    • Main body: 1.2” diameter / 3.6” long (30.48 x 91.44 mm)
    • USB cable: 17” long (432 mm)
  • Weight: < 0.44 lb (< 200 g)
  • Output voltage: 15 volts – 0.85 A
  • Current consumption:
    • G2plus only: 14 mA
    • Total current consumption for G2plus Interface and NICO/OPUS
      • Standby: 33 mA
      • Measurement: Up to 550 mA for 8 seconds for NICO (and 20 seconds for OPUS)
    • Wiper: 60 to 100 MA for 10 Seconds
    • SDI Converter, NICO/OPUS and Wiper:
      • Standby: < 10 MA
      • Measurement: < 500 mA for 8 Second for NICO (and 20 seconds for OPUS) 
G2Plus Cable Connection

Connect the NICO or OPUS cable directly to the G2plus Interface M12 connector.

Connect the G2plus Interface USB cable connector to the tablet or PC USB 3.00 port. (Do not connect to a USB2.00 port)


Tether the G2plus interface to your PC, tablet or carrying case using the Hydrotech custom tethering fixture to secure the USB connection (If needed for field deployment).

For first time connection, make sure the G2plus interface is connected to your PC or Tablet USB3.00 port. Make sure your PC or Tablet are connected to the web via WIFI or Ethernet. Reboot your PC or tablet. The driver for the G2plus Interface will be automatically downloaded and installed by Windows 10®

Start your favorite browser and open the following URL

End users comments:

1- I thought I’d share with you my field test of the G2Plus. We went out into the Port of Brisbane on a small Tinny boat with a laptop, NICO, OPUS, cable and the G2Plus. We installed the G2PLUS back at shore where we had internet to make sure the drivers were ok. It connected first time, almost instantly. We were able to sample for around 3.5 hours without the connection dropping once. The convenience of powering the sensors from a laptop is a real game changer. Field toughness and remote sampling is not what TriOS is known for but the experience felt almost identical to using a YSI EXO® with Kor EXO®. Very impressive and bolds well for the future!

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